As carols start to replace top 40 hits and the dust of months sitting on shelves starts to be disturbed on prematurely merchandised christmas gifts and decorations, many people, me included, gain a little bit of breathing space from the hustle of the working year. Thus, while the blog has been silent for some time, I have a bit of time to discuss what's been happening since the last update.

Most exciting is the development of representative teams and SA Open attendees! At least ten people have already confirmed their attendance at the SA Open, from three different states, with a whole host of others, from other states, promising to come along if they don't make their undecided representative team. Based on this it would seem the Open will be very well attended and, with a good local SA showing, could be a massive tournament in its own right. When combined with the State Championship there is a possibility of breaking records set by EucBowl and CanCon. A list of confirmed attendees is on the SA Open page of the website. Let me know by email ( or on if you plan on being there.

In addition, we now have three complete teams (NSW, SA and WA), and one partially complete team (NZ), for the State Championship. Victoria is currently in the final stages of its selection process as well.

We've also been talking up the possibility of a Barbarians team as NT was unable to put a team together. As yet we are unsure whether the Barbarians will be able to compete. However, if not our contingency plan is to allow competitors from the SA Open to play against the representative team that currently has "the bye" in any round. Exactly how this occurs will be determined if required.

BBLOC SA has been working hard to get some of the other details of the tournament up and running and, while the AusBowl Painting Contest is currently looking a little bit shaky, everything else is steadily falling into place. We hope soon to start some fundraising raffles, both fantasy-football related and looking to the wider wargaming community. The venue is sorted and we hope everyone will join us for dinner there on the Saturday evening. The rules are now locked down, including the schedule and scoring systems, and the sponsors page provides details of some of the amazing prizes available for the SA Open. We are turning our attention to player gifts and trophies in the near future, so stay tuned for details of those.

For the time being, from all those involved in organising the AusBowl State Championship 2, have a fantastic holiday season (even if you don't actually get a holiday) and a blitzing start to 2013.


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