I've made a couple of updates to the site today to start being more specific about the rules of the tournaments. This is relatively easy for the most part because the rules are very closely based on the Southern Shrike Bowl 2012 rules. Having said that, there are some small changes that are fairly important.

First, the SSB MVPs are not available for AusBowl or the SA Open, meaning Cirwin and the "Whack a Wardancer" competition is not happening in March 2013.

Secondly, there has been a bit of discussion regarding the skill packages and the relative strength of the Agility upgrade package. At SSB 2011 any player could be given the +1AG upgrade, leading to a bevvy of AG5 Wardancers (although, interestingly, the tournament MVP was a Wardancer without the AG upgrade). In 2012 the stat upgrades were limited only to 0-12 or 0-16 positionals. This led to only one coach using the stat packages (a halfling coach). For the AusBowl State Championship 2 and SA Open we are looking to take a middle road and allow stat upgrades to be given to any player of 0-4 positional or greater (ie - 0-12, 0-16, etc). This stops power pieces like Wardancers becoming too powerful, but still allows the skill package to make some difference to the tactical milieu.

There was some discussion around potentially including wizards... but this has since been designated a bad idea. 50k special play cards are the current topic of conversation and may be included, but this is yet to be determined.

Obviously some rules need to be included to cope with the team nature of the Stat Championship, and some of these rules are still being ironed out along with the scoring structure. I am personally terrible at all that stuff, so I've left it to the rules lawyers on the BBLOC to deal with it. Either way, the gaps will be filled relatively soon.

In the meantime, the rules as they stand allow teams to start to work out the race and team composition they may bring to the tournament. In a nutshell, the team creation rules are:
  • CRP plus NAF approved teams
  • 1.15m
  • one of five skill/stat packages applied to the team
  • inducements available but no more than one Star (two for stunty teams)
  • Representative teams cannot take more than one of each race across the six representatives.
Full rules can be found on the Rules page (see the tabs along the top of the page).

I also wanted to note that I've been looking into accommodation options for interstate teams. I had sent a few emails out to enquire re package deals but hadn't received any response. But with around six months to go I wanted to give people the best head start on booking accommodation they could get. As previously noted, Adelaide is truly alive in March and accommodation will fill up very quickly, so booking soon is really important if you want to come along.

As the tournament is in the CBD, pretty much anything central is very very close. There are a number of backpackers in the CBD for those who are looking for a very cheap option, while budget hotels and motels also exist both in the CBD and just outside it. As the venue is on the eastern side of the city, accommodation in Parkside and Kent Town is also within walking distance. If you're bringing the partner or have the luxury of a slightly larger disposable income, there are some incredible options very close to the venue as well. I've listed a few options on the Location page, along with website links for them.

Can't wait to see everyone there.

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