As we hit the final run-up to the tournament I wanted to highlight our generous sponsors. First up are Mantic Games, who's recent fantasy football game Dreadball rocketed into prominence late last year during an incredibly successful Kickstarter.

Mantic produce a range of games and miniatures in the fantasy, sic-fi and fantasy football realms. Kings of War is a high fantasy war-game and Warpath is a sci-fi war-game. In each case Mantic offer cost-effective and high quality miniatures to fill out the ranks.

They also, obviously, produce Dreadball, a fantasy football game set in the Warpath universe. 

For the AusBowl State Championship 2 and SA Open, Mantic has generously donated a copy of the Dreadball game and four separate Dreadball teams; Corporation, Forge Fathers, Marauders and Veer-myn. These will be available as major prize picks for competitors at the SA Open.

Thanks to Mantic for their assistance and support.

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