Last night three dishevelled figures met in a dingy bar and drunk themselves into a stupor while plotting the next steps towards global domination!

Well, OK, we weren't all that dishevelled considering I was wearing beige dress shoes, Adam was in a suit and Casper, well, his nic is "Vain" for a reason. And you can't really call the Griffin's Head, with its new designer interior, "dingy". And three beers is hardly a drunken stupor. And, yes alright, we were discussing the AusBowl State Championship and SA Open, but apart from that all of the details above are correct!

This discussion was an important one because it pinned down some key details and allowed us to open registrations for the SA Open. We've set the entry fee at $30 up until 22 February, and $40 thereafter, to try and encourage early registration (as it helps us with planning in the run up to the event). This $30 will cover access to the venue, seven games over two days, eligibility for a range of prizes (both tournament-based prizes and some additional draws and games), player gifts (yet to be finalised) and a souvenir coach pack.

While we're talking about prizes, however, it is worth reiterating what is on offer. Mantic Games have offered us a copy of Dreadball, which I am going to try to paint up before the tournament begins, as well as one of each of the four Season 1 teams (Corporation, Marauder, Forge Fathers and Veer-myn); Three Die Block have offered a painted Amazon team, Tin Soldier Penrith have offered two boxed sets of Games Workshop's Dreadfleet; Intergalactic Games have offered a custom pitch and some Lead Adventures miniatures; Cyanide has offered two product keys for their Dungeonbowl online game; Focus Interactive have offered six product keys for Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition; Southern Shrike Bowl have offered a SSB prize pack; and KO'ed Dice Bags have offered four dice bags with dice. With more to come, it is an exciting prize pool.

Payment details and registration forms are available online in the "SA Open" page of this website, so head on over for more details.

In addition, we will soon be opening a series of discount orders with various suppliers of fantasy football miniatures. With everyone congregating in one place it is the perfect time to pick up any teams or supplies you've been looking for both with a significant discount and without the need for additional postage costs once they arrive in the country.

The only sad news we have is that we have had to cancel plans for a dedicated fantasy football painting contest alongside AusBowl SC2 and the SA Open. With the tournament looming we needed to look realistically at what we could do, and this was looking to be beyond us.

But all guns are firing for the tournament and the painters can still be involved in the Best Team competition by being involved in either the AusBowl or SA Open.Get those registrations in for the Open and good luck if you're still hoping to make a representative team.


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