Just a quick note today as I upload some of the sponsors that have come on-board to support the ASC2 and SA Open. WE sent a call far and wide for sponsorship support and, considering this is only the second time this tournament has run, we were relieved to get any responses at all. But responses we did get!

If you haven't already, check out the sponsors page on the site and check back there regularly as we move closer to the tournament date. Some of the prizes on offer for the SA Open are already spectacular, such as a fully painted copy of Mantic's new game Dreadball (thanks to Mantic Games) and a fully painted amazon team (thanks to the Three Die Block podcast).

There is also more to come as many businesses offer exceptional discounts for orders of their products. We will be holding a mass group order for a range of different miniature manufacturers closer to the tournament date, so start making your wish list and stay tuned.

I'd like to sincerely thank the sponsors that have already come on board. If your business can help out, please drop us a line at bblocsa@gmail.com


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