The sponsors of the State Championship and SA Open are a very varied bunch. The next three I'd like to discuss are all alternate media sources devoted to our fine game. For those that don't know, a podcast is kinda like a radio show, but instead of being broadcast at a set time over the radio waves it is serialised and offered for download via a provider like iTunes to be listened to whenever, or wherever, you like.

Three Die Block (3DB) is a comprehensive podcast that delves into all areas of the game, especially tactics. Chance and his array of co-hosts tackle these issues through conversation, debate, interviews and reviews, as well as by detailing the exploits of their own teams in two of their local (USA) leagues.

For the tournaments, 3DB has donated an entire painted Amazon team with its own Impact! figure case. Thanks Chance and co-hosts. We resolve to always stay off the sidelines, as per your advice!

BothDown is a newer podcast offering that has nevertheless become a staple of the genre. Instead of heavy tactical information and advice, BothDown instead focuses on the background and themes of the Blood Bowl world and the teams that inhabit it. Through a love for the fluff, these two gingers (sorry Tim) wrestle with the origins and image of the Blood Bowl world.

While yet to decide what they are going to send for the tournaments, the BothDown boys assure me they're looking for something. Personally I'd love a BothDown pen!

Finally, BL!TZ Magazine is a different form of media again, an e-magazine. Published quarterly (although in the midst of a bit of a hiatus), BL!TZ started off detailing the ins and outs of the Adelaide Blood Bowl scene as Southern Strike magazine. But it went national after the first State Championship and is now up to issue 5. BL!TZ will be donating the souvenir Coach's Packs for the tournaments, an A5 booklet that each coach will receive detailing the representative teams, rules, venue, itinerary and providing space to record how the tournament went (as well as get some autographs).

To all of these sponsors we say a big thank you! Stay tuned to find out more about t

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