Less than a week to go now before the tournaments begin and I wanted to spotlight four sponsors.
Intergalactic Games is based in Chester Hill, NSW, and run by Christian Cuello. Christian, rather than ship us product or cash, decided to think ambitiously and constructed a custom Blood Bowl pitch specifically for the tournament! I received this amazing pitch over the weekend and have shared some pictures below.

We are just in the process of deciding whether or not to offer this pitch as a prize in the Open or as a raffle so that everyone can have a chance to win it.

Christian also sent us three blisters of Lead Adventures miniatures. This is not a miniature company I am very familiar with, but they look to be very good quality and would make excellent sideline figures.

Tin Soldier Penrith are also very kind supporters of the State Championship. Run by two stalwarts of the Blood Bowl community - Bill Murphy (sangraal) and Steve Thoms (Thomsy) - all reports are that Tin Soldier offers the kind of local gaming store environment that we all wish for.

One of the things I absolutely love about these guys is the statement on their website that lists their "focus points". I recommend you have a read through because it shows an attitude towards their business and customers that is admirable in the current economic environment. The store is located on High Street in Penrith, NSW.

Tin Soldier Penrith has provided two copied of the Games Workshop game Dreadfleet as prizes for the tournaments. Until I received one I didn't realise just how substantial these boxes are.

I also wanted to highlight two sponsors that demonstrate the interconnected nature of the Australian Blood Bowl community. Southern Shrike Bowl and Eucalyptus Bowl are two of the 'major' tournament events in the Australian circuit. 

SSB is held around August / September in Adelaide each year. It regularly attracts over 20 coaches and is the biggest tournament in Adelaide (not counting the State Championship this year). A fun tournament with great food (courtesy of Mrs One Eye) and beer (courtesy of anc001) it regularly draws competitors from the other states, as well as plenty of locals.

EucBowl is one of the largest tournaments in Australia (a title that tends to alternate with the CanCon Nationals) and usually sees over 60 coaches competing for masses of prizes and the growing honour and prestige that such a tournament win can bring.

Seeing these two tournaments put up support for the State Championship shows that the tournament scene in Australia is very strong, that the community is able to work together, and that the success of one tournament is seen as good for others.

Thanks to Intergalactic Games, Tin Soldier Penrith, Southern Shrike Bowl and Eucalyptus Bowl for all their generous support.


03/19/2013 4:09am

Nice looking pitch


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